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Hi! I am Shawn Hensley and I addicted to anything with wheels and a  motor.I have been racing on 2 wheels since I was 3 years old. I was winning races before I knew how to use a toilet. I am not kidding. My father would be changing out tires and also changing my diaper.:joy:

I have 26+ Years experience being on two wheels on dirt and on Road. Most of the time I kept the wheels on the ground but every now and then I had my fair share of whoops moments. As everyone knows “It’s not if you crash, it’s when you crash”.My passion and happy place has and always will be on a motorcycle. I love the culture of motorcycles. Whether you are a racer, weekend worrier or just a daily rider I know you understand the adrenaline rush of being on a bike.

My Home town track was Speedworld in Arizona but unfortunately it was closed down. Moving over to Arizona Cycle Park I have had a lot of fun tearing it up out there.

Outside of bikes I spend my time growing my business in custom printing such as motocross graphics and more. I also have my first born son due 11/7/2022 and I am beyond excited to share with him what I know in hopes he gets to experience the same happiness I get from being on a bike.

Thank you for taking some time to learn about me and read this boring biography. Hopefully in the articles I write I can either help you learn something or enjoy the content.

Shawn Hensley

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